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I have been a seamstress for 25 years, I passed the master dressmaking licensing exam and I have made countless dresses, trousers, suits, coats and dresses for events such as baptism, first communion, confirmation, school-leaving exam, dresses for the bride, maid-of-honour, for the satisfaction of the local population, and for people from the surrounding areas, as well. Designing and producing a dress is a wonderful creative process. Designing starts with some sketches on a sheet of paper, then taking accurate body measurements, choosing the proper material, accesories & decoration, designing the patterns, exact cutting, technology of high standard sewing & ironing: these all have been my daily routine for many years now.
I do think it is important for younger generations to have role models who live near them. Hard work always pays off. It was my childhood dream to showcase ’In Harmony with Nature’ my collection of 9 innovative, unique event dress pieces as a designer which was inspired by Balázs Czakó’s one-of-a-kind Hungarian and Icelandic landscape photos. Both the audience and the media have been paying attention to my work. My work enjoys some attention, many exotic calls have been made to make dresses based on landscape photos.

Balázs Czakó storm, landscape & wedding photographer

I had worked in shifts in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant for 10 years. My passion for taking photos started in late 2013. I have been working as a freelance photographer since 22 September 2016.
My main profile is landscape photographing, I am the proudest of my ’Magical Hungary’ and ’Iceland Adventures’ series as I have made my biggest achievements with these two. I am fond of anything else: weddings, engagement parties, expectant mothers, babies, children, (in nursery schools, kindergartens, studio, schools), school-leaving ceremonies, family portraits, more than 10 kinds of sports, cars, motorbikes, events, meals, products, buildings and animals.

In Harmony with Nature collection


Landscape photos by Balázs Czakó present one-of-a-kind moments that appear on event, cocktail or evening dresses designed by Szilvia Juhász.


Each and every photo has its own story – a story that is continued on the dresses making its owner feel like to be close to nature. The richness, atmosphere and delicacy – or even wildness – of the colours of nature is touchable.


Dresses in the collection:

⦁ Mirror – Mirror (Danube @ Tolna, Hungary, 23 June 2014 5:46 am)

⦁ Swans’ Sunset(Danube @ Tolna, Hungary, 12 December 2016 5:20 pm)

⦁ Celestial War (Lake Balaton, Hungary, 27 August 2014 3:16 pm)

⦁ Golden Hour (Lake Balaton, Hungary, 27 August, 2014 7:09 pm)

⦁ Flash (Szekszárd, Hungary, 1 August 2016 0:25)

⦁ Skyfall (Tolna, Hungary, 30 April 2014 6:48 pm)

⦁ On The Move (Diamond Beach, Iceland, 17 November 2016 12:08 pm)

⦁ Ice Cave (Jökulsárlón, Iceland, 16 November 2016 5:13 pm)

⦁ Sea of Flames (Danube @ Tolna, Hungary, 23 December 2014 8:46 am)

After presenting the dresses we got an invitation for the jubilee XX. Budapest Fashion Week 2018


⦁ to bring the philosophy represented by the dress collection ’In Harmony with Nature’ to as many people as possible for whom nature, its preservation and its values is significant (and they wish to express this with their fashion style)
⦁ customers can express themselves with the selection of the photo, they can draw attention to the importance of local natural and man-made values, the wonders of up-close and far-away nature and also to the values of our truly wonderful planet;
⦁ to organize further exhibitions in towns all over Hungary: Budapest, Székesfehérvár, Sopron, Győr, Szeged, Debrecen, Kecskemét, Veszprém etc. with impressive opening ceremony and exlusive programmes: telling personal reports, dance of theatre, all centred around landscape photos and dresses;
⦁ to take part in the international fashion shows in New York and Birmingham with the newly-designed ’Magical Hungary’ event dress collection which was inspired by photos of Balázs Czakó, which were taken in Hungary, among them photos taken in Paks, Tolna & Szekszárd.


1. 2015 Zalaegerszeg – ’Wanderer’

2. 2016 Fadd – ’Wanderer’

3. 2016 Fadd – ’Wanderer’

4. 2016 Tolna – Wosinsky Mór Primary School – ’Wanderer’

5. 2016 Tihany – ’Wanderer’

6. 2016 Tolna – MAG-Ház- ’Wanderer’

7. 2017 Bölcske – St. Andrew Castle – ’Wanderer’

8. January 2018, Tolna – Iceland Adventures and ’In Harmony with Nature’ collection

9. February 2018, Dunaszentgyörgy február – Landscapes in the Surrounding Areas

10. March 2018, Bátaszék- Iceland Adventures and ’In Harmony with Nature’ collection

11. April 2018, Paks – Forráspont – Iceland Adventures and ’In Harmony with Nature’ collection

12. May 2018, Székesfehérvár- Iceland Adventures and ’In Harmony with Nature’ collection

Full-house opening with 350 guests


money collected for the Tolna Youth Brass Band: 160,000 HUF



I. Fashion Show Budapest, 21 November 2017



IX. Photo Exhibition, Tolna, 27 January 2018



II. Fashion Show, Paks, 27 January 2018, 250 guests



 III. Fashion Show, Paks, 8 March 2018

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Beauty Contest, Paks, 11 March 2018


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